“Sounds of Peace Vol.2”

"Sounds of Peace Vol.2"

The youth exchange “Sounds of Peace” brought together 33 young musicians and youth workers from 5 European countries, including Northern Ireland (UK), Poland, Turkey, Georgia and Armenia. The youth exchange took place in Dilijan, Armenia on 30 June - 8 July 2013.

The main aim of the project was to promote the culture of peace using the experimental music as a tool for that. The exchange was a unique opportunity for the youth workers for sharing their views, perceptions and attitudes towards peace. The objectives of the exchange included getting the attention of their peers, their local communities in general and specifically Armenians on the peacebuilding-related issues; sharing the peacebuilding practices of their countries; promoting the main values and principles of Youth in action, as peace, tolerance, democracy, etc..

The youth exchange was based on non-formal eduaction methods, as group works, teambuilding activities, outdoor activities, reflection groups, mid-term and final evaluations, participant-led workshops, etc.. The participants had a key role in the whole process of the project implementation starting from the preparation to the reporting and follow up projects.

The main outcome of the nine day exchange was an open-air concert which took place in Yerevan, Armenia and was very successful as a public event. It was well covered by not only printed and online media, but also by different TV shows and programmes. During the whole activity the participants had couple of chances to publicize the event, including the launching of the blog, the press conference before the concert, the concert itself, etc..

The experimental music composed during the exchange and the “peaceful” environment in the park was very efficient in terms of showing the people that the peace is the only alternative on the ground and it starts from the peace in minds and hearts of the people.