“Happy Bus”

“Happy Bus”

40 young people from eight different countries (Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova, Italy, Poland, Portugal and Estonia) came together in Dilijan, Armenia to promote Europe through street art, music and street performances.

Youth Exchange "Happy Bus" had a base in Dilijan and drove in three directions towards three other towns near Dilijan to perform for locals and also to spread information about different programs and projects that European Union is implementing in Armenia and in other promoters' countries. Overall the participants had three performances colored with different games, quizzes, competitions, etc.

The objectives of the project includes:

  • To make sure that the actual exchange of ideas, experiences and realities take place among participants of the exchange,
  • To create a space where young people from different countries will bring color to the local daily routine,
  • To support the development of their common European identity,
  • To help youth to understand and embrace the idea of common Europe,
  • To have a strong local impact by involving young people from the local neighbourhood,
  • To encourage t active participation in decision making and shaping processes,
  • To make the efforts of European Commission visible in the Armenian regions,
  • To inspire local youth to be engaged in similar youth activities and to learn about Youth in Action programme.

Youth Exchange "Happy Bus" lasted nine days and was held from 26 September to 5 October 2013.