“ImpACT Your World”

“ImpACT Your World”

In today’s reality it is hard to imagine a young person with no access to Internet, with no profile on Facebook, Twitter, or other social networks. Also, keeping in mind what is happening in the Middle East, the Internet is now playing a key role in spreading information from the human rights implementation “battle fields”.

As new media develops rapidly, we used the “ImpACT Your World” training course to make sure that youth workers and civil society could benefit from this phenomenon in terms of promoting and campaigning online for ideas that they dedicated their time and life to.

The training brought together 30 young people, youth workers and volunteers from 13 different countries (Slovakia, Croatia, Armenia, Belgium, Georgia, Belarus, Moldova, Norway, Malta, Serbia, Germany, Finland, and Estonia) and gave them practical skills on the effective use of new media technologies and social networks in their work. They shared their success stories of using new media and obtained new skills and ideas from the other participants of how to be successful with the use of new media technologies.

The participants had a chance to meet with leading bloggers from Armenia and discovered how the topics such as human rights, equality, volunteering, environment and the rule of law were covered in the Armenian and in the global blogosphere.

The objectives of this training course were, but not limited to:

  • Using media literacy and new media as a powerful tool in youth work,
  • Practicing working with media in group context and to use media for process-based youth work,
  • Broadening youth workers’ experience of different kinds of media form and content to encourage innovation and creativity,

The methodologies applied for this training course were based on non-formal education, experiential learning, active participation and self-organization of the participants.