“Exchanging Transitions”

On March 2-8 of 2013 the seminar called “Exchanging Transitions” brought together 30 young people from 11 countries (Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Estonia, Slovenia) to a small town Dilijan in Armenia. During these six days the participants shared with their peers from different regions, countries and backgrounds, their vision of what kind of transition they have, had or are having. Why in one region or country the transition was more successful and in another one it seems to have no end.

The main aim of this seminar was to give participants a common understanding of political economic, democratic transitions.

The objectives of this project was to strengthen the role and sustainable participation of civil society groups in their respected regions; to provide a space for dialogue and reflection for civil society organizations; a comparative learning from transition processes both within and outside the regions; to provide a space for exchange between various civil society groups, etc.

The main added value of this seminar was the composition of the countries and partner organizations of the seminar. Baltic countries, ex soviet member states, which nowadays are members of the EU and of course the Eastern Partnership countries which are in a long process of transition and on the way to European integration.

The seminar helped the participants to value what they had and to aim high and to work towards the improvement of their realities. The seminar also hosted interesting speakers-experts which presented the current processes of the transition of different regions and also the integration processes within Europe.


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