“Breaking Barriers for Common Europe”

The seminar “Breaking Barriers for Common Europe” was aimed at providing theoretical knowledge and practical skills on issues concerning European citizenship, EU cooperation with Eastern partnership and pre-accession countries, also youth participation and active citizenship in that context.

The project brought together 29 participants from 10 different countries, including EU coutries (Czech Republic, Greece, Italy, Slovenia), pre-accession countries (Croatia, Turkey) and Eastern partnership member-states (Armenia, Georgia, Belarus, Ukraine). The diverse group of the participants not only in terms of the geography but also political background of their states gave a chance to have divergent views during the discussions and debates, contradicting ideas during the sessions, different levels of awareness on such issues as Eastern Partnership, European Enlargement Policy, European citizenship. These differences made the project more interesting, interactive and efficient.

The objectives of the project were,

  • to reflect on the topic of European Citizenship,
  • to get knowledge and skills to act as active and educated European citizen,
  • to share ideas on the European cooperation and especially the role of youth in that context,
  • to discuss the opportunities and challenges of the best practices,
  • to be a format and platform for the creation of informal network between the participants.

The methods used during the project were taken from non-formal education and included teamwork, debates, creativity sessions, participant-led workshops, etc. The methods used during the seminar gave a chance to participants to have their active participation and contribution on each stage of the project. The trainers and experts acted as facilitators of the sessions and let the participants to share, discuss, debate and come to conclusions themselves.