We have mainly been working in the frameworks of the European Commission’s Erasmus+, previously the “Youth in Action” programme and also Council of Europe’s European Youth Foundation. The main sphere of our activity is non-formal education and we use it as a tool to cover the gaps which exist in the formal education. We are giving a chance to motivated young leaders to develop their professional and personal capacities while exploring the diverse cultures of Europe and the main values which are the basis for the common European identity.

We are organizing series of youth exchanges, seminars and training courses on diverse topics starting from volunteering to human rights and conflict management. The diversity of the topics gives a chance to all the interested young people to be involved in the spheres of their interest. The projects are unique opportunity to share their experience and learn from their peers from different parts of Europe. We are not only hosting projects but also sending participants to different youth projects in different European countries.

In addition to different projects our members and volunteers take part in study sessions and other projects organized in the European youth centers in Budapest and Strasbourg. In the frameworks of the European youth foundation we are also promoting the “No Hate Speech” campaign in Armenia. Besides, the president of the organization will be representing Armenia in the Advisory Council on Youth of the Council of Europe.

Being a JEF section we are also actively promoting the European integration of Armenia. In the frameworks of JEF we are organizing “Visa free Europe” action to promote the visa facilitation process. We are also part of another long term project called “Eastern European Training Days”, which are mainly covering the current issues in Eastern Partnership states.

As a part of Human Rights Educational Youth Network (HREYN) we are actively involved in the civic actions and civic education in general. Besides, Civic Forum is Armenian representation of TDM 2000 Association. Being a homoethnic and homoreligious country we are working towards promoting cultural diversity and tolerance among the youth in Armenia through this network.

In addition to the abovementioned activities we are also organizing info seminars which are aimed at sharing information about formal and non-formal learning opportunities around Europe. We are providing the interested young people institutional support to be get use of these opportunities.