About Us

“Civic Forum” is a nongovernmental, nonprofit youth organization based in Yerevan, Armenia. The main aim of “Civic Forum” NGO is to strengthen a more sustainable civil society in Armenia based on the shared values of tolerance and equality, the rule of law, peace and democracy.

The objectives of the organization are:

  • To promote Armenia’s successful integration into European structures by raising awareness on the European integration process and involving in it both in local and European level;
  • To create the opportunity for young people to deepen their knowledge, develop skills, strengthen their personal and professional capacities to be able to act as agents of change and shape the future they want to live in;
  • To empower young leaders in Armenia by encouraging and assisting them to realize their right of mobility and get chances for both formal and non-formal education both in Armenia and beyond its borders;
  • To enhance the capacity of non-governmental organizations in Armenia and foster cooperation between them and with the organizations throughout Europe.

“Civic Forum” NGO is an organization that coordinates the work of three international networks in Armenia, which include JEF Europe (www.jef.eu), TDM 2000 International ( www.tdm2000international.org) and Human Rights Education Youth Network (www.HREYN.org).

The main sphere of our activity is civic education as a tool for promoting active citizenship in local and international levels. We are working in the field since 2005 as a youth initiative group and were officially registered in 2010.

About Us